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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I decide if the software is right for me?

Our software is not for everyone, so we’d like to give you some help with that decision. If you are looking for software that will build you a winning system automatically, or that has winning systems already included, our software is not for you. If you are looking to make money with very little effort, our software is not for you.

To be successful with NeuroShell, you DO NOT need to know advanced math, neural nets, statistics, or programming. The whole idea of our software is that you can use advanced techniques without advanced knowledge of them. However, you do need to be somewhat analytic and know your way around a PC. You don’t have to be an experienced trader.

What you DO need most is patience, persistence, and a willingness to experiment. Making big money in the market is not like falling off a log or everyone would be rich by now. There are no magic bullets or Holy Grail trading systems. Great systems only work for a while before the market adapts to make that system obsolete. We can provide you with advanced power tools, but YOU have to start with your own ideas and build winning systems using those power tools. YOU have to use our adaptive tools to adapt your systems as the market adapts. If you think some other company can sell you something that makes money right out of the box, please buy their software first!

But doesn’t advanced knowledge of neural nets, math, and statistics help you become more successful?

No, quite the contrary. In our experience, people with that knowledge never get around to trading because they keep looking for a level of perfection that doesn’t exist, or they get wrapped around the proverbial axle worrying about algorithms, statistical significance, and long term performance. Our most successful users have enough trading experience already to know that no good system is perfect or lasts forever, and they are willing to take an occasional loss.

What if I know how to program, will that help?

We reiterate that programming knowledge is not required, because our Indicator and Trading Strategy Wizards can build some pretty complicated indicators and trading systems just by pointing and clicking. However, if you want to build more sophisticated things, you can use your programming skills and program indicators and systems in C, C++ and Basic.